There are still big wigs in Hollywood who feel that casting anyone other than white people in films is a gamble. So the past year must have been a real shocker for them. Luke Cage broke Netflix. Girls Trip is still receiving rave reviews and killing the box office. Now, Get Out is proven to be the most profitable film of 2017 so far. The Jordan Peele-directed film was a huge success with critics, the public and the box office. Costing only $4.5 million to film and $30 million to promote, the film has seen a 630 percent return on its profits after bringing in $252 million worldwide, according to The Wrap.

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Get Out focused on the experiences of a young Black man who meets the family of his white girlfriend for the first time before things take a dark, psychological turn. The in depth look at liberal racism garnered a 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes before a couple of contrarian reviews brought it down to its current rating of 99 percent.

Peele made history with Get Out becoming the highest grossing debut for a writer-director with an original screenplay. Following all of the success, Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions company signed a two-year production deal to produce his next film.

“I am thrilled to continue the work we started together on ‘Get Out’ — pushing the boundaries of storytelling, not only on the next film but with all of Monkeypaw’s future projects,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.