Chicago police were forced to abruptly end rapper Lil JoJo’s wake when mourners nearly knocked over his casket:

Tensions erupted late Friday morning at the wake of slain teen rapper Lil Jojo as hundreds of mourners, eager to take a last look, surged toward his casket, nearly knocking it to the floor and pushing family members out of the way, prompting Chicago police to clear the funeral home.


Lil Jojo’s mother and sister were led out of the viewing area hysterical, as other family members took to the microphone, yelling at other mourners to “Get the f— out!”


Gang presence appeared to be heavy at the funeral home, with many mourners exchanging gang handshakes.

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JoJo, whose shooting was discussed here on BYP, is the most notable name on the list of young black youth murdered this year.

The violence and police presence at his wake are indicators of deeper issues at play.

How do we get to the root?

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