First Lady Michelle Obama covers the latest issue of Vogue.

Inside, a great interview was conducted with both Michelle and President Obama. They discuss how their beginnings as a middle class family have kept them grounded, as well as how they’ve changed since hitting the national scene.

Notable among those changes; President Obama’s fashion sense.

From NewsOne:

President: “Now, in fairness there is one thing that’s changed.”

First Lady: “What’s that?”

President: ” Which is, I used to only have, like, two suits.”

Meter: Now you must have dozens….

First Lady: Thank God. Now, let me tell you: This is the man who still boasts about, This khaki pair of pants I’ve had since I was 20.

Here, the President jumps in to say that, like Beyonce‘s “Upgrade U” song, Mrs. Obama — and his daughters — have improved his style:

President: “Michelle’s like Beyoncé in that song. ‘Let me upgrade ya!’ She upgraded me.”



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