A group of students at Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego have been suspended, banned from prom, and will not walk at graduation after participating in a twerk video that found its way onto the internet.

Thirty-two dancers participated in the video, allegedly unaware that it would be semi-professionally edited with music, and posted on YouTube. The filmmakers used school equipment and filmed the video outside of their media classroom.

Many of the affected students and their classmates are outraged by the harsh punishments, and hope to have their privileges reinstated at an upcoming hearing.

From NewsOne:

While the school has yet to comment on the situation, students involved have reportedly vented their frustrations.


Suspended, banned from prom, and prevented from walking at graduation all because of an awesome twerk video. I don’t understand, one student said via Twitter.


According to another student, however, the girls may be able to get their prom and graduation back.

“The seniors involved are on senior review and have to ask for their prom and graduation back in front of a panel,” the teenager informed NBC 7.

Scripps’ student handbook has a detailed policy against sexual harassment, banning any “verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature made by someone from or in the educational setting.”


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Is being suspended and banned from prom and graduation an overly-harsh punishment for participating in a twerk video?

When are kids going to learn that there are repercussions for participating in videos that end up online?

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