Although Twitter was full of celebratory messages during election night, it also was a place for others to spew hate speech.

Many of the people making racist statements on the social media site were teenagers. not only logged some of the tweets, but investigated about the whether or not these teenagers were facing any consequences for their words:

We contacted their school’s administrators with the hope that, if their educators were made aware of their students’ ignorance, perhaps they could teach them about racial sensitivity. Or they could let them know that while the First Amendment protects their freedom of speech, it doesn’t protect them from the consequences that might result from expressing their opinions. (For example, an adult woman is currently being investigated by the Secret Service for calling President Obama a “nigger” and suggesting he be assassinated on her Facebook page.)

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Fair or foul?

Should students face punishment in school for exhibiting racist, sexist, homophobic and other behavior online?

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