Nearly 1,000 Protestors Gathered for Trans Liberation March in Chicago

Chicago’s Trump Tower has become a hotspot of local protests in recent months for obvious reasons. Given all of the president’s controversial statements and policies and the mostly-liberal ideology of the city, the stretch along the Chicago River has become even more of a high-traffic area than it already was.

The latest example of the area’s growing buzz came this past Friday as nearly 1,000 protestors gathered for a Trans Liberation March, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Chicago Aldermen Will Vote On Future Of Street Performers Known as ‘Bucket Boys’

Whether you’re driving past the expressway or walking down State Street, every Chicagoan knows the familiar sound of drumsticks clanging on plastic buckets. These street performers, which are almost always young Black men, are commonly referred to as “bucket boys” and mostly accepted as a part of the city’s culture.

Apparently, a select portion of the city’s population feels differently about them and are hoping that a group of aldermen will vote to crack down on their ability to perform downtown on Wednesday, according to WBEZ.

Chance the Rapper Hopes Trump Doesn’t Mean What We All Think He Does About Chicago

Chance the Rapper recently sat down with ESPN’s The Undefeated for a joint interview with Chicago Bulls player Jimmy Butler. The two talked about the city and how they’re each leaving their own legacies, one being a hometown kid who just won three Grammys, the other being the centerpiece of an historic basketball franchise.

During part of the discussion, Chance responded to President Donald Trump’s vague threats to “send in the feds” if Chicago’s gun violence wasn’t curbed. As a native of the city’s South Side, the rapper had some interesting insight. 

Johnson Publishing Building Could Become A Chicago Landmark

The Johnson Publishing Co. Building has been a proud part of Chicago’s downtown since it was first constructed in 1971. However, it was also a beacon of hope and Black pride as it housed Ebony and Jet and many other publications up until 2012.

Given its rich history, the building is ever closer to being commemorated as an historical landmark. 

How Trump’s concern trolling about Black crime is a trap for well-meaning progressives

In a sign of things to come for Black communities under the new administration, President Trump threatened federal intervention to address the “carnage” that is Chicago’s gun violence in a tweet last Tuesday night:


Though what he meant by “send in the Feds” is still unclear, Trump has used Chicago’s violence in the past to justify “tough on crime” policies that cause even further harm to the very communities experiencing the brunt of this violence. One can expect his threatening fix to once again be just more anti-Black violence in a cheap disguise.

Trump Threatens To Send The Feds Into Chicago

President Donald Trump has strategically used the gun violence on Chicago’s South and West sides as a means to convince the public that urban areas are home to “carnage” and practically begging for more policing. Last night, he continued to push this narrative as he tweeted that he’d “send in the Feds!” if the city doesn’t do something.