Chicago man charged after punching Black woman security guard, Zoa Stigler, on camera

Zoa Stigler was just doing her job this past weekend when she stopped to help Matthew De Leon. De Leon, 23, was throwing up outside of a building where Stigler, 46, was working as a security guard early Sunday morning.

After Stigler asked if he needed any help, she asked him and his friends to move so she could wash the vomit off the sidewalk. De Leon then threw a bottle of water at her and punched her in the face. 

Illinois Gov. Rauner Booed At Chicago State Commencement

Funding for education in Illinois is a mess. The inability to come to a compromise on a state budget has resulted in a financial crisis felt by schools on all levels.

Just a couple of days ago, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that Chicago Public Schools is much deeper in the hole than expected – by an additional hundreds of millions of dollars. Last year, Chicago State University was forced to lay off hundreds of employees and was at risk of not finishing the school-year.  Instead of working together to come to an agreement, both sides continue to pass the blame back and forth. People are tired of it.

Taking a page out of Betsy DeVos’ book, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner was booed while delivering a commencement at a school he probably shouldn’t have even been at, according to WGN.

What you need to know about Chicago’s ‘gang database’ and the lawsuit from local activists

In a “broken windows” fashion, the Chicago Police Department sustains a gang database of its residents. They say this is in efforts to stay ahead on crime. They also seek to punish those on the list to the fullest extent of the law when the opportunity presents itself.

As of last week, CPD and it’s gang database are at the center of a recent lawsuit after Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raided the home of Wilmer Catalan-Ramirez. This happened after incorrect information about him surfaced through this database, identifying him as a gang member. Not only is the department being hit with a lawsuit, they will also be answering to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request about how the database is used. The suit was filed on behalf of BYP100, Organized Communities Against Deportations (OCAD), and the MacArthur Justice Center.

Simply, the gang database is an excuse to justify further surveillance and excessive force against Black and Brown folks in this very sensitive time regarding citizenship.

Chicago Teenager, Thessalonika A. Embry, On Verge Of Earning Doctorate

Thessalonika A. Embry, 18, has already accomplished more than some people twice her age. At 14 she earned a bachelor’s in Psychology. At 16 she earned an MBA in Organizational Leadership. And on top of all of that, she’s working on a Black history-focused app for Apple and Google and is already a published author.

Oh, and she’s on track to earn her Ph.D. this fall in Business Psychology.  While she could surely go into any field she’d choose, Pschology spoke to her because, “it studies why we do what we do and that has spilled over in my dissertation.”

Trevor Wilkins

Trevor Wilkins, Princeton Alum, Co-Created App That Encourages Good Grades

By Imani J. Jackson

#Blackboyjoy sounded more like hustle than hubris earlier this week during a telephonic interview with Trevor Wilkins. The tech entrepreneur is a Southside of Chicago native and celebrant. He is also a Princeton sociology graduate who shared parts of his journey to co-creating an app with more than a half million users that encourages students to get good grades.  

How a Chicago mayor’s proposal to make post-grad plans a requirement for graduating harms Black & Brown students

Not content with over-policing Black folks in the streets and at their schools, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is now extending these practices into their academics. Earlier this week, the mayor shared his bright idea for requiring Chicago Public Schools students to produce a letter of acceptance from a 2 or 4-year university, vocational school, a branch of the military, or a job before receiving their diploma–starting with this year’s freshman class.

Chance the rapper march chicago

Chance the Rapper Announces Arts and Literature Fund For Chicago Schools

As if his initial $1 million donation to Chicago Public Schools wasn’t already more than enough, Chance the Rapper continues to outdo himself. The Chicago rapper held a second press conference last week to announce some major news. First, the Chicago Bulls organization would be matching his initial donation. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, he announced the New Chance Arts and Literature Fund, according to The Chicago Sun-Times.

Meet Chicago’s First Transgender Filipina Bakery Owner

Jenne Vailoces inherited her love of baking from her mother while being raised in the Philippines. When she came to Chicago, she used that passion to offer her talents to the public after opening Jennivee’s Bakery.

Outside of its convenient location near Chicago’s Boystown and Wrigleyville neighborhoods and her signature purple velvet cake, Jennivee’s Bakery is special for one very important reason: it’s the first bakery in Chicago to be owned by a transgender Filipina woman.