Eddie Johnson CPD Superintendent

CPD Superintendent Looks To Fire Officers Who Lied About Laquan McDonald’s Death

Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson is currently in a position where he must command the trust of the public and the loyalty of the officers he presides over. In an effort to try and maintain that balance, Johnson wrote and sent a letter to the department’s rank-and-file officers stating that he is looking to fire eight of the ten officers who were on the scene for Laquan McDonald’s shooting death. 

The TakeBack

Local Organizer Hosts #TheTakeBack, Free Youth Community Day On Chicago’s Southside

More than 60 volunteers gathered at Ellis Park in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood to host a free community day for the city’s youth this past Saturday. For the third year in a row, The TakeBack offered a full afternoon of activities, such as kickball, a bounce house, football and a three-on-three basketball tournament for local children to enjoy. 

City Bureau

Chicago Organization Launches Kickstarter For Community Newsroom

City Bureau, a journalism lab located in Chicago, has announced a new effort to strengthen the connection between local communities and the journalism that directly reports on them. Through a Kickstarter with a goal of $10,000 from a total of 1,000 donors, the organization hopes to reveal a fully capable newsroom that can be utilized by community members this fall.

Chicago Police Truck

Illinois Driving Students Required To Learn How To Be Stopped By Police

A new law was passed in Illinois to make it mandatory that driving classes teach students what to do if they’re pulled over by police. Because we all know that when these situations escalate, it’s almost always the civilians fault, right?

According to ABC 7 Chicago, Governor Bruce Rauner signed the law into effect this past week and it’s meant to keep teens from panicking and raising red flags if they’re ever stopped by police. 

Chicago Police Truck

Chicago Teen Dies From Asthma Attack After Witnessing Shooting

Jessica Williams, 16, was at a birthday celebration for her late cousin who was killed in 2012. After an altercation at the event, allegedly over a parking space, four people were shot and two of them died from their wounds.

According to DNA Info, Williams, who was heading into her sophomore year at Chicago Vocational Career Academy, reportedly began to have an asthma attack after running from the fatal shooting. She later died from the attack.

Chicago Police

Rahm Emanuel Calls For Community Meetings Over Police Reform

Tensions between police officers and citizens may be at an all-time high. That fact is even more true in cities where long-standing histories of police violence are becoming public knowledge and being pushed to the forefront with multiple investigations.

In response, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to hold several meetings throughout the city in August that will bring police officers, local politicians and community members together to come up with police reform strategies, according to the Chicago Tribune