A new political ad, brought to you by The Tea Party Victory Fund and currently running in white Ohio counties, definitely ranks up there amongst the most racist ads we’ve ever seen.

The ad features an excited Black woman, discussing a free cell phone she received from a federal program.

The ad clearly aims to play up the “welfare queen” stereotype.

From NewsOne:

“In the video, someone asks if the Black woman has an Obama phone. She responds, ‘Yes everybody in Cleveland, you know minorities got [sic] Obama phone.’ Keep Obama in president [sic]. You know! He gave us a phone! He gonna do more!’

Immediately, one notices that she’s clearly not the most-eloquent person in the world, which only adds even more sensationalism to the ad. And we all know it doesn’t take much to set off the biased among us; a Black woman discussing anything given to her from the government for free is sure to do the trick.”

Underhanded, dishonest, and beyond offensive, the ad is currently running in battleground state Ohio, and Romney supporters there are sure they’ve got a winner on their hands.

What’s even more maddening, the creator of the ad is former Ohio secretary of state Ken Blackwell; a black man.

“Albeit disappointing, Blackwell’s role is not at all surprising. This is the same person who is a staunch supporter of voter ID laws, and in an op-ed in the Washington Times, said of the Voting Rights Act, ”Does America still need draconian laws that were passed to combat endemic racism and overt hostility?” He’s even been accused of voter suppression efforts in the Buckeye state.

So Blackwell’s role in this racist ad is expected.

Zora Neal Hurston had it right with ‘All my skinfolk ain’t kinfolk,’ though some warrant much greater distance than others. For obvious reasons.”

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Check out the “Obama Phone” ad below:


Will Ohio voters be swayed by this ad?

Are you surprised a black man is behind this?

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