Three Pittsburgh police officers are currently on trial for allegedly beating and fabricating reasons for arresting 20 year-old Jordan Miles in January of 2010.

J. Kerrington Lewis, Miles’ attorney, contends that his civil rights were violated. Specifically, a jury must decide if the officers’ arrested Miles without cause, used excessive force, and if the criminal charges against him (which were later dismissed) amount to malicious prosecution.

According to Miles, he was walking to his grandmother’s house around 11pm that night when an unmarked car pulled up and plainclothes officers jumped out, demanding that he fork over drugs and money.

From the Huffington Post:

“Miles, then an 18-year-old violist at the city’s performing arts high school, says he panicked, briefly struggled with them and ran away, because he thought he was being robbed.

Lewis said Miles was violently beaten and suffers from ongoing brain trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lewis also claimed the officers later fabricated the reason for the stop and wrongly charged him with prowling and aggravated assault, among other crimes, to cover up their ‘savage’ beating.”

The officers champion a very different version of events; claiming that they approached and identified themselves to Miles after witnessing¬† him “standing suspiciously near a dark house, his back to the street.”

They say he was hit only after running and assaulting the officers, and that he was carrying a bottle of soda in his pocket that they mistook for a weapon.



Are the police fabricating their story?

Will Jordan Miles get justice for the pain and trauma he’s suffered?

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