Fact: No one should be denied a service because of who they are or what they believe

Also fact: It’s pretty ironic when supporters of a candidate (whose entire campaign is based on discrimination) are denied a service and are then shocked to see what that discrimination feels like.

Shannon Riggs and her cousins were on the way back from a Donald Trump rally in North Carolina when they decided to get some food from a local restaurant chain called Cook Out. Adorned in full “Make America Great Again” regalia, Riggs and her cousins approached the window to make their order and claim they heard an employee say, “‘Oh, hell no, I’m not serving them.”

According to Washington Times, someone finally took the group’s order a few minutes later.

“Finally someone took our order, and everybody was laughing and giggling. They went and got the people from the back,” Riggs said.

Then, as Riggs’ cousin went to pick up the food, an employee reportedly said “Oh, not for you!” Riggs then cancelled the order, received a refund and asked for the chain’s corporate number to raise a complaints.

“You should not be discriminated based on who you support, whether it be Bernie, Hillary or Mr. Trump,” Riggs said, according to WTVR.

“Once you witness [discrimination] firsthand, it’s a totally different experience,” said 16-year-old Lauren Wolfrey. “I was in a state of shock.”

“They had this sense of anger,”she continued. “They were just really rude to us.”

Cook Out has released an official statement on the incident and condemned the choice to not serve someone based on they political beliefs.

“Cook Out is, and always has been, a politically neutral company,” the company said through a spokesperson. “We welcome all customers regardless of political affiliation. Regarding the refusal of service at our Colonial Heights location, the situation has been resolved and was resolved that night per Cook Out policy.”

Photo Credit: Cookout.com