Yesterday, we shared a story about a group of about 200 students at the University of Mississippi who decided to express their disappointment over the re-election of President Barack Obama by burning Obama/Biden signs and spewing racial epithets.

Well, yesterday an even larger group of Ole Miss students got together for a unity march:

“This will show the community that we stand together to change the image of Mississippi. they’re are stereotypes surrounding Mississippi,” [march organizer Renee Ombaba] said. “We wanted to show that we are a positive state an[d] we’re willing to move forward.”

A message delivered Tuesday night as a group of more than 600 students gathered to recite their campus creed.

“I believe in the respect and dignity of each person,” the group read aloud.

They asked that the hateful words of a few not tarnish the image of so many.

Read more at WREG.

What an amazing way to counter the ignorance of the other night.