Don’t Sleep on BET’s Don’t Sleep

By Rashad Smith


Black Entertainment Television has created a special program that other networks should photocopy and fax throughout the businesses of entertainment mediums so that we can attempt to stop the disarray of negative behaviors, particularly in urban communities amongst young Black people through media influence.


It’s unfortunate that this program, Don’t Sleep, isn’t priority in the land of television business because the fears of not producing enough ratings as BET late night news show. The show originally began with a daily 30-minute slot on the network and after ample Facebook postings and tweets (and most likely, ratings and discussions amongst BET producers) about how the show is necessary in the Black community, BET decided to expand the time slot to one hour but problematically moving the show to only one day a week.


While I’m excited about the fact that a network created particularly for Black America is taking a stance and focusing on analyzing and potentially solving Black issues, I’m bothered because I feel the network is afraid to bring this program in with full-force.

Racist, Sexist Signs Posted Around UCLA Call Asian Women ‘White Boy-Worshipping Whores’

UCLA is investigating a series of racist, sexist signs recently posted around their campus.

One sign said “asian women R Honkie white-boy worshipping Whores,” and was attached to a Vietnamese Student Union poster.

Another disgusting statement – “Asian Women are White-Boy Worshipping Sluts” – was found written on a bathroom wall.

Walmart, A Poor Persons Struggle and Black Friday Labor Protests

In light of the recent protest at Walmart last black Friday. I think it is appropriate to revisit the Walmart debate. If there is ever a battle between big business and everyday citizens struggling for their labor rights, I will always be on the side of those who are struggling for a better life. As I wrote before, “I don’t trust big business.  I don’t trust any type of organization that would make profit a priority over people. I don’t trust Wal-mart. But…is a bad job better than no job? Although, its obviously not an “either or” issue, I think the question is a real one.

Every issue I learn about reminds me how important it is to see the world with a nuanced lens. While initially I would argue HELL NO, Wal-Mart only destroys communities and hinders small businesses; I now understand that it is more complicated than just another big business out to make a bottom line profit.

UN Recognizes State of Palestine, Despite U.S. Objections

The United Nations have voted by a more than two-thirds majority to recognize the state of Palestine.

The resolution upgrades Palestine to the status of “nonmenber observer state,” and is being called a “diplomatic defeat for the United States.”

Palestinians rejoiced upon learning the news, but their quest for independence still depends on a peace deal with Israel.

Two U. of Minnesota Students Spark Outrage With Wildly Racist Rant in Blackface

A racist video made by two University of Minnesota Duluth students has sparked outrage, and a statement from University officials.

The video shows two young women in black face, spewing racial epithets, expressing their love for fried chicken, and saying stupid things like “we come from the black hood” and  “we are true negroes.”

The University has called the video “unacceptable behavior for anyone.”

The ladies say it all started while giving each other facials.

Michael Dunn’s Lawyer: Jordan Davis Is No Trayvon Martin; ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense A Possibility

Yesterday we told you about the shooting of 17 year-old Jordan Davis, who was gunned down in an SUV by 45 year-old Michael Dunn after an argument about loud music.

Robin Lemonidis, Dunn’s attorney, is now speaking to the press, imploring us not to compare this tragedy to the Trayvon Martin case.

According to Lemonidis, his client is not a vigilante.

From CNN:

“That’s ridiculous. Michael is not a vigilante,” the attorney said. “He’s a brilliant software developer. It was never his intention to kill anyone.”