According to the Daily Kos, the mass school closings in Chicago will cost taxpayers $1 billion.

Yet Chicago Public Schools has cited a projected $1 billion deficit as justification for the closings. This $1 billion deficit is nearly equal to the cost of school improvement and student safety in the wake of the closings.

The  Chicago Teacher’s Union says this is no accident.

From the Daily Kos:

The CTU contends that it is no coincidence that the $1 billion dollar deficit CPS has claimed is nearly equal to the cost of all closing actions.

“They’ve had these plans in the works for months, which is extremely insulting and demeaning to all the families and teachers who have been out here fighting for their schools,” Lewis said. “The mayor and CPS had sealed their fate from the very beginning.”

Approximately $676,000 will be allocated  per school to bolster safety programs.

Parents and activists are deeply concerned that CPS and Chicago police will not be able to effectively protect students forced to traverse gang territory to get to school.



Thoughts on the mass school closings in Chicago?

Will CPS be able to keep safe the nearly 30,000 displaced students as they traverse gang territory to get to school?

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