If you thought the movement for justice for Trayvon Martin had lost its momentum, you thought wrong.

The Dream Defenders’ occupation of the Florida state capitol has entered its fourth week.

They’re calling for passage of Trayvon’s Law; a comprehensive piece of legislation designed to combat the systemic racism that funnels black and brown youth into prison, or into the ground.


“The media is not telling the full story,” said Dream Defender Steven Pargett of Florida A&M, who serves as communications director. “This is not just about stand your ground. This is a full legislative package to challenge the criminalization of our generation. Because the Governor and the legislators are not working on this, Dream Defenders are doing the work. We are conducting our own hearings, taking testimony from community and expert witnesses with court reporter transcription, and getting the word out.”


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How can we keep up the momentum for justice for Trayvon?

Are there any sit-ins/direct actions happening in your neck of the woods?

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