We’re sure many of you remember 9 year-old Asean Johnson, whose galvanizing speech at an anti-school closings rally in Chicago became a viral sensation.

According to Asean’s mother Shoneice Reynolds, Asean has been exhibiting leadership qualities from a very young age; he is currently the president of his third grade class.

And his voice has already been influential. He joined a chorus of voices that actually saved own his school – Marcus Garvey Elementary School – from closing.

From the Grio:

Earlier school board plans listed Johnson’s school l for closure while students from the elementary school would join those who attended Mount Vernon Elementary, which is a few blocks away.

But after rallying the help of others, Johnson was successful in keeping his school open. However, Johnson doesn’t take all the credit – instead, he says it was a “team effort.”

He tells NBC Chicago: “It wasn’t just me, it was a team help, a team effort and all the teachers came out with their students it was pretty cool and we all fought for our school to stay open.”

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We are so impressed with this young man.

It is paramount that our young people recognize their own power, and believe that they can make a difference and transform the world around them.