These days, it seems like all Nicki Minaj does is win, win, win.

Pink Friday is still selling like hot cakes, “Super Bass” is currently the number 3 song on the Hot 100 chart, and (by most accounts) she nailed her supporting slot on Britney Spears’ massively successful Femme Fatale Tour. Even today, news broke that Nicki has signed on to provide vocals for a character in the upcoming animated flick “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” alongside Jennifer Lopez, Joy Behar and Young Money cohort Drake.

Nicki Minaj is the definition of a rising star right now. And that’s only made the persistent rumors regarding a violent, July 12th confrontation with (alleged) boyfriend Safaree all the more disturbing and distressing.

Nicki has denied repeatedly that any abuse occurred. But a 9-1-1 tape that leaked yesterday tells a very different story.


As the story goes, on July 12th Nicki and Safaree got into a heated argument at the Palomar Hotel in Dallas, Texas, culminating in Minaj being hit in the mouth. On the chaotic tape, in which the hotel manager asks that police assist with the removal of a guest from the premises, a woman referred to as “Nicki” can be heard screaming “Look what he did to my face!” By the time police arrived at the scene, Safaree was gone and Nicki steadfastly refused to press charges.

Clearly something went on that night; something Nicki is not willing to discuss publicly. And that’s her choice. In fact, Minaj has yet to even publicly acknowledge that Safaree is anything more than her “best friend” and personal assistant, despite numerous photos of the two holding hands and sharing romantic dinners together.

But if these rumors are true (which they increasingly seem to be), I hope Nicki is smart enough, and strong enough, to walk away from a relationship that will only prove toxic and destructive to her professional and personal life.

Nicki’s relationship with Safaree feels very codependent. He’s with her in the studio. He’s with her on stage. In fact, he’s been with her every step of the way during what must have been a disorienting and traumatic rise to the top of the charts. I’m no Dr. Drew, and I’ve never met Nicki, but I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to suggest that perhaps Safaree is the safety blanket she craves amid untrustworthy hangers-on and shady industry people.

And I respect both Nicki’s desire for such a stabilizing force in her new life, as well as her right to keep her private life private.

I just hope she understands that when such an individual become a destabilizing and corrosive force, the effects can go far beyond waning record sales and unfocused, poorly-received public appearances. Just ask Britney Spears. Or Rihanna.

And if she were still with us, I bet Amy Winehouse could probably tell her a thing or two about this as well.

Be careful, Nicki.