Lessons in Hate: Is it Okay to Invite Nazis, KKK Members to Speak at High Schools?

A fascinating article in the Washington Times investigates a risky teaching tactic employed in high schools and colleges across the country.

Educators are inviting representatives of hate groups – neo Nazis, KKK, Westboro Baptist Church, etc. – to share their hateful ideologies with students.

School officials say the point of such activities is for students to witness first hand the extreme stances these groups take, and to avoid them.

They assert that no student has ever been converted as a result of these speaking engagements.

Marco McMillian’s Family and Gay Rights Advocates Call for Hate Crime Investigation

Family members and gay rights advocates are calling for the murder of Clarksdale mayoral candidate Marco McMillian to be investigated as a hate crime.

Mississippi congressman Bennie Thompson has released a statement calling on the FBI to get involved.

Meanwhile, the National Black Justice Coalition, a leading civil rights organization for LGBTQ people of color, has filed a formal request to the Department of Justice.

Murdered Clarksdale Mayoral Candidate Marco McMillian Was Beaten, Dragged, and Set on Fire

Horrific details have emerged regading the murder of openly gay Clarksdale, Mississippi mayoral candidate Marco McMillian.

According to the coroner, 33 year-old McMillian was beaten, dragged, and set ablaze by his murderer.

22 year-old Lawrence Reed has been arrested and charged with the murder after he was found in the wreckage of McMillian’s crashed SUV.

Obama to File Brief Urging Supreme Court to Strike Down Proposition 8

The Obama Administration will be getting involved in the Supreme Court battle surrounding Proposition 8.

NBC News reports that the Justice Department will file a friend-of-the-courts brief urging the Supreme Court to allow same-sex marriages to resume in California.

Thought the White House initially said they would not get involved in the case, it seems they’ve changed their mind.

Congress Finally Passes Violence Against Women Act

The Violence Against Women Act has finally been reauthorized. It will be sent to President Obama for his signature,

Though its been reauthorized without trouble in the past, the GOP decided to stall the proceedings because of new provisions that provided protection for LGBT people, immigrants, and Native American women.

Originally passed in 1994, the Violence Against Women Act “has set the standard for how to protect women, and some men, from domestic abuse and prosecute abusers.”

Openly Gay Mississippi Mayoral Candidate Found Dead

Openly gay mayoral candidate Marco McMillian was found dead near a Mississippi River levee.

Authorities had been searching for McMillian since his SUV had been crashed into another vehicle on U.S. highway 49. McMillian was not in the car.

His death is being investigated as a homicide, and resident of Clarkdale – the town in which McMillian was running for office – are stunned.

McMillian was the first openly gay person to be a viable candidate for public office in the state.

REPORT: Black Gay Youth Face Unique Challenges Coming Out To Families

Black gay youth face a unique set of challenges in coming out to family and friends, according to a recent study.

The report – authored by Michael C. LaSala, director of the Master of Social Work program at Rutgers University School of Social Work – asserts that these young men face rigid and exaggerated conceptions of masculinity, making it more difficult for them to find acceptance or accept themselves.

Furthermore, black gay men face a myriad of intersecting oppressions (i.e. racism, homophobia, sexism), and elicit a particular kind of disdain and worry from within their communities and families.

GLAAD Congratulates Jet Magazine on Featuring Same-Sex Wedding

GLAAD (The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) took a moment to congratulate Jet Magazine for featuring a same-sex marriage in its wedding section:

As part of our year-round work to raise visibility of LGBT people of color in the media and to grow acceptance of LGBT people in these communities, GLAAD worked closely with Ravi and Paris to help them shape their story and also worked with JET to feature the couple.

Yet ANOTHER Underage Sex Lawsuit Brought Against Kevin Clash

When it rains, it pours.

Yet another individual is bringing an underage sex suit against Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash.

The anonymous accuser says he met Clash on a gay chat line while visiting New York for modeling gigs when he was 16 years-old.

They eventually met up at Clash’s apartment, at which time the accuser says he realized that Clash had lied about his age.