Family of ‘hot felon’: this is not a joke


The family of a convicted felon whose mugshot garnered lots of unexpected attention after being posted on a California police department’s Facebook page is not thrilled about how “fine” the world thinks he is.

Jeremy Meeks’ friends and family were “very upset” about the attention he’s been getting over his infamous mugshot. 

Honeymaid follows Cheerios’ lead: releases commercial featuring diverse non-traditional families


Cheerios released not one, but two awesome Super Bowl ads over the past two years featuring an interracial couple.

Despite the wave of backlash received by racists, yet another company has decided to model their advertising after Cheerios.

The latest Honeymaid commercial shows multiple families: gay, straight, interracial, punk rocker…and they all are enjoying the snack while doing regular activities that say a “traditional” family would.