Relatives of Aunt Jemima hit brand with lawsuit



Nancy Green was the first Aunt Jemima in 1890. Born a slave in 1834 in Kentucky, her likeness is now a staple in households throughout the country.

Now, a lawsuit claims that Green’s heirs as well as descendants of other black women who appeared as Aunt Jemima are entitled to $2 billion and a share of future revenue from sales of the popular brand. 

Eric Garner’s family files $75 million civil suit against NYC, NYPD

The family of Eric Garner, a black New York resident who died as a result of a chokehold performed on him by a New York police officer, has filed a $75 million civil suit against the city and police department.

The notice of claim was filed by lawyers at Rubenstein and Rynecki on Tuesday. It names several police officers whose identities had not been previously released. 

Video: Cheerios releases well-received ad featuring white same-sex couple with black child


Cheerios Couple

A new Cheerios ad featuring a white same-sex couple with an adopted black child has received relatively positive reviews.

Over the past few years, General Mills has positioned itself as celebrators of diversity–especially when it comes to LGBT and interracial pride. The corporation has outwardly opposed Minnesota’s proposed gay marriage ban and has released ads featuring an interracial family in the past.

Despite previous ads that showed diverse families garnering negative feedback, the brand continues to advocate for representing all types of families. 

Ray Allen calls out Florida police for handling of home invasion


NBA player Ray Allen is calling out the Coral Gables (Fl) police for their handling of a home invasion. A group of teenagers broke into the Allens home in the early morning hours of August 14.

Allen’s wife and children were in the home. Allen’s wife woke up to see the group of teenagers in her bedroom. She called security who then called the police. The teenagers were found, but they were not arrested or charged with anything.

Family of ‘hot felon’: this is not a joke


The family of a convicted felon whose mugshot garnered lots of unexpected attention after being posted on a California police department’s Facebook page is not thrilled about how “fine” the world thinks he is.

Jeremy Meeks’ friends and family were “very upset” about the attention he’s been getting over his infamous mugshot.