Editor of controversial yoga piece releases statement


The editor of a controversial op-ed piece where a white woman openly laments about the affects of a heavyset black woman in her yoga class has responded.

Jen Caron caught a wave of backlash after sharing her earnest thoughts on XO Jane about an African American woman entering her yoga class. Some called the piece self righteous, while other viewed it as a direct example of white privilege.

Read what Rebecca Carroll, the site’s editor had to say.

In latest essay, Richard Sherman reflects on the fallout from his interview with Erin Andrews


Super Bowl contender Richard Sherman is just a few days away from playing in the biggest game of his career.

Despite all of the attention Sherman has received, he found time to contribute to Monday Morning Quarterback, where his writing appears regularly. In his latest article, “10 Things I Learned about America after They Learned About Me,” Sherman reflects on the fallout from his interview and how, ultimately, the NFL benefits.

In lengthy essay, white woman laments about being in yoga with a lone black woman


In this day and age, you would think that people wouldn’t make such a big deal about people of color. We shop, workout and do everything that the majority does. Common sense right? Not so much.

In an essay published on XO Jane, Jen Caron a white woman, was so moved by the presence of a heavyset black woman in her yoga class that she dedicated an ENTIRE essay to her “struggle.” 

Charges dropped against cop who shot Jonathan Farrell 10 times due to ‘lack of evidence’


Yesterday we broke news that a North Carolina police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man 10 times as he sought help would not be indicted.

At the time, there was not an immediate explanation available for the grand jury’s decision, but we have now learned that a lack of evidence was cited as the reason for the dismissal. 

Racial tensions escalate on University of Michigan campus

Last semester, students at the University of Michigan garnered national attention on Twitter. By using the hashtag #BBUM, minority students were able to successfully conduct a dialogue about race relations on campus.

Blacks don’t even make up five percent of the university’s enrollment, and described hostile and/or ignorant comments as everyday occurrences. The Twitter protest quickly spread to other universities in the state. 

Guest Post: In possible defense of ‘White Santa’


By guest contributor JP Paulus

OK…I saved this one to keep the sacredness of Christmas, but I now feel free to talk about it now. (Apologies to those celebrating Orthodox Christmas)


One of the latest flaps in the “war on Christmas” was the alleged ethnicity of Santa Claus.  I can’t defend Megan Kelly (of Fox News) saying Jesus is white. I picture Jesus being the male version of my daughters, who are a mix of African-American, Asian-American, European American with traceable Native American roots. The Bible clearly points out some non-Hebrew lineage (such as Rahab and Ruth), to emphasize Jesus’ racial “impurity”.