Detroit lawyer racially profiled at Talbots


Portia Roberson, a Detroit lawyer, is the latest black person to be racially profiled while shopping. Roberson went to a suburban Detroit Talbots store to return items. Before she returned them, however, she wanted to try them on. According to her Facebook post, when Roberson emerged from the dressing room, she was confronted by police officers.

High Schools students’ epic response to offensive flyers makes us all proud

 When a hateful flyer against immigration surfaced in a Brampton, Canada high school, students came up with an epic response.

A group called Immigration Watch passed out the offensive flyers around Brampton earlier this year. The flyer shows two images: one of an all-white crowd with the caption “From This…” and another of a group of Sikhs with the caption “To This…” 

Heather Booth remembers Freedom Summer 1964

The following post was written by Carla Murphy of Colorlines. It tells the story of Heather Booth, a white participant on Freedom Summer 1964 and appears under the original title of “Remembering Freedom Summer 1964 Heather Booth.”

By: Carla Murphy

In the summer of 1964—Freedom Summer—more than 1,000 Northern, mainly white students traveled for the first time into the Deep South. Besides registering blacks in Mississippi to vote, the strategy behind Freedom Summer was to use young white bodies to draw national attention to the legal campaign of terror visited on Southern blacks. Colorlines continues its Freedom Summer 50th anniversary series with Heather Booth, 68. As she headed down into Mississippi in late June, news broke that three volunteers had gone missing. They were James Chaney, 21, from Meridian, Miss. and Andrew Goodman, 20, and Michael Schwerner, 24, from New York. Booth was 18 at the time.